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I don’t get how people make fun of stretch marks????

have you seen stretch marks?

They are cool as shit.

some look like lightning

Some look like the ocean

Some are red

Some are white.

all of them are really beautiful. They’re really fucking cool. I mean, you’ve changed, and these are reminders of your life. 

Fuck everyone who makes fun of your perfect body. 

"I just hope that every time you see me you think to yourself “wow I really fucked up” and maybe one day you’ll realize that what you did to me, really wasn’t worth it."

I was too good for you anyway erica-s-diary (via erica-s-diary)
joshsleepsallday: Hey (: kik?

Xxlizz4262xx I’m on vacation right now so if I don’t reply soon don’t be offended I’ll probably talk to you when I get ready for bed or somethin!

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